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The right website is an integral part of your business today. A tool that can have a positive or negative impact on your company's reputation. A professional site can introduce your company to new customers as it deserves, allowing your customers to quickly see changes and products. Keep up-to-date with the latest company news and easily connect with you via email or forums. Steps to Starting a Website, Understand your goals of building a website and understanding it, checking your contacts and gathering information. Planning to get started: At this point we and you will decide what elements, techniques, interactive methods, and more to use, and ultimately produce a basic strategic web site and base it on your work.

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With 12 years of experience in programming and designing software under Windows, we have the necessary expertise in most areas of Windows programming such as .Net and Windows API. Redinu Software Development offers the following services in Windows Design and Programming , Programming with different Windows APIs, DLLs, different libraries API, Library and DLL Programming PDA Programming COM objects and Active X controls Microsoft .Net Framework Programming

Redino Software

A portal is a set of web pages that contain content and services that are seamlessly delivered through a portal, enabling the user to access the services and facilities of one or more organizations and collections. This is your organization's golden key so you can build an organized interaction with your customers, employees or users. Organizations and corporations in the world such as Cisco (Cisco) , T-Mobile (T-Mobile),... They use the Life Ray Enterprise Portal because of its leading and proven performance in all industries globally. LifeRay has large corporate-level users worldwide, and one of the largest is the first mobile company serving the LifeRay portal with an average of 250,000 daily users in very stable conditions.

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